A lack Of motion (astraynotion) wrote,
A lack Of motion

Some more poetry.

Just so these don't get lost completely (although that is the fact of a lot of poetry, suitably).


The dusk
Has taken the colours
And the windowed world
Is blackwhite.
Yet the truth, bold and
Was ever in the greys.


Every day now, I wake four times over.
:To the chasm the falling the smoothering the grasping the choking the gasping the emptiness
-where warmth takes me back-
:To the stillstirring the restless undone and tangles, where stories begin in their middles and all is upending all over
-where warmth takes me back-
:To a weariness of startstop sleep, tired from waking, all over
-where warmth takes me back-
:To serenity. The faint breeze upon the evening.

Sanctum, inside
A warmth to carry.

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First, I am French, so please don't pay attention to the mistakes I do!
They're beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Not too long and really poetic...carry on writing!!
Oh, and do you know Fanfiction.net or Fictionpress.net? These are websites were you can publish your writings and where you can read and comment the others'work. Very enjoyable lol!!
Merci beaucoup!
Et salut, aussi :g

Je parle seulement un petit peu de francais, so I shall go back to English, I think! But I'm glad you liked them, and thanks for the encouragement! Sorry it took so long for me to reply :)
I liked the first one, the second grabbed me and wouldn't let go. :-)
Wow, thanks for the excellent feedback! I'd completely forgotten about these, and had been tinkering with the idea of starting to work on my poetry again. Your comment might turn out to be just the boost I needed, so thank you muchly for that.

Also, I'm amazed you found these, buried in the depths of the internet as they are!
Here, here to momentum.

Random comment surfing on the galactica characters drawn in the style of the simpsons post :-)