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The Wolf On Your Skin

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A lack Of motion
The Wilds
Not the droids you are looking for.


bic runga, birds, buffy the vampire slayer, climate change, clouds, coldplay, complexity, dimples, ducks, eclipse snowfriend, eclipse snowman, effulgence, euler's identity, firefly, global warming, hydrogen economy, ice cream, illyria, jenna fischer, k-9, light, lists, love, made-up words, momentary lapses of reason, musical inability, nature, nonspecificity, not saving the world, nothing-everything, peak oil, philosophy, photography, poetry, powderfinger, quirks, romana's hat, rugged!wes, ruts, schrodinger's cat, serenity, so very intrepid, somewhat skinny, space: above and beyond, star wars, straggle, sustainability, the piano soundtrack, the sky, the truth, touch, under-familiarity, uninspiration, userinfo.bml?user=you, vegetarianism, very boring people, very helpful snowfriends, your world in peril, zen