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A lack Of motion
29 January 2005 @ 11:56 am
Tympany on the roof's corrugation,
Splashdropping through the swaying willow leaves.
Wish-wash, sashays
Past a
Occupants crouched against the falls of water.

Warm drifting -
A new home,
An old sound.

And before my eyes have yet opened -
The sound of sunlight.
A lack Of motion
19 January 2005 @ 11:51 pm
So, my first night in what's to be my home... for the next six months. For some reason, I'd expected more permanence, but things seem to be heading rapidly in the opposite direction. Perhaps there's a lesson to be had about material security from that :P

Anyway, it echoes like crazy in here, the floorboards amplify the noise and there's nothing to absorb it. Well, there's an inflatable bed and those of my few possessions that don't fit into the many wardrobes. No doubt the feeling that this place is too big for just the one person will wear away in time.

For the meanwhile, sleep. I have a lot of moving of Stuff to do tomorrow...
feeling: sleepysleepy
can you hear: echoes of a near empty house
A lack Of motion
18 January 2005 @ 11:36 pm
In passing

These things happen,
Wayside and accidental; side-lined and instant.
Eyed peripheral,
Oblique and road tied; off-centre and in-focus.
Just nestled,
Tree-lined and home; shaded and unstretching.

A fracture.

And a part,
A piece of the past, a piece of this future
Meets just here.
Houses and brick, artificed and denatural
Above a punch,
Spliced-in and unreal, broken and fearing.

To search.

Knocked-on wood,
Home-not-at-all; unanswered so unaided.
Against minutes,
Noise is new violence; two lights ebb twined.
But not gone,
New sanctuary upcoming; no longer journey:

A chance.

This possibility,
Strong hands and wiser eyes; to hold and lift out,
Found again.
Unbreaking a calamity.; Righted and, standing.
Unfurled your lovely wings and for a moment;

In passing.
feeling: mellowmellow
A lack Of motion
11 January 2005 @ 10:07 am

:: how jedi are you? ::

A lack Of motion
10 January 2005 @ 10:43 am
Inspiration is a curse, for the chronically uninspired. Descending unannounced and then trounciing your day with the momentum of a cannonball. It denies even the ardent procrastination and routine that the uninspired survive upon, kicking aside those unplanned time wasting moments and in their place leaving only a foolish shine of satisfaction, whatever the quality of your creation.

A muse is born of attraction, sparking and stoking the firey grasping that is in all of us. How so many different things lure us in so many directions, but it's all the same, an irrepressible urge to be closer to it.

Then it's gone, and it's just all a waiting game, ticking by the minutes.
A lack Of motion
09 January 2005 @ 05:58 pm

(There is always something (more to say)
 ((addedo[n](tack[e]don)) (mis(under)standing; to be clarifi[ed]))
         (PmiS/aPPrhenSn/PPPS (do
see [w]hat)(can't fit, punctu[a]te or (dis)structure) I'm [n]ot saying?)(a[t] all?)

 (                         )


A lack Of motion
03 January 2005 @ 03:04 pm
When I dream in the day, it's cliché-simple.
The sun on my face.
The wind touching my skin, shower-fresh or breeze-clean.
A breath glad to be mine and the world's at the same instant.
It's free, it's something that should be never denied.

When I dream at night, there are tangles and poorly cloaked need.
It's not allowed, but there are no rules in the dark.
feeling: sicksick
can you hear: nil