A lack Of motion (astraynotion) wrote,
A lack Of motion

Gelding's Book Of Very Minor Curses

Excerpts taken from this infamous text of yore:

Ye Many Less Than Majore Curses And Hexes, c. 1485

1. May many albino rabbits stamp upon your ugly feet!
2. May you suffer from the noodle of limpness.
3. May you have a slightly too late lunch.
4. May you have to clean the bathroom tomorrow.
5. The peril of the wobbly wheeled shopping trolley be upon thee!
6. Wombat.
7. A plague of mortgage spam!
8. At least two communication failures.
9. May you have the burden of a two thirds full inbox.
10. The curse of the perpetual C+
11. A hundred inconvenient deoderant failures be upon you.
12. May your pen leak only when you are wearing white.
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